Our Designer Necklace Collection includes fabulous statement necklaces, chic pearl necklaces, playful charm necklaces, beaded necklaces and stylish pendants. All Joots Jewellery is carefully wrapped in the designers own exquisite packaging.


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Babette Wasserman Rose Gold Clover Necklace

£ 117.00

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Babette Wasserman Faceted Rock Necklace

£ 85.00

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Babette Wasserman Jet Dragon link necklace

£ 185.00

Babette Wasserman Chalcedony Thorn necklace

£ 140.00

Babette Wasserman Infinity Thorn necklace

£ 130.00

Babette Wasserman Electra Rose Gold Heart Necklace

£ 99.00

Sold Out

Set Ascending Direction