Gemma Lister

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Gemma Lister

Instantly desirable, Gemma Lister's jewellery creates a stylish storm wherever it is seen. After training in fashion, Gemma decided that accessories were her destiny.; While spending the last few years working for a top international handbag designer, she has also made her own jewellery, which she has sold on a bespoke basis to a range of clients.

Having had a huge hit with her charming 'Horse Earrings,' which were featured in National and International publications and on T.V, she decided to take her talent for making fabulous jewellery to the next level.

Working with a range of materials, Gemma Lister's jewellery take the expected and turn this on it's head...pearls become gobstoppers, disco inspired beads hang enticingly, and tassels dangle between shoulder blades. her unique eye catching pieces evoke the past but are unmistakably modern.

Set Descending Direction

Gemma Lister Silk Rope Pearl Necklace

£ 72.00

Gemma Lister Silk Rope Pearl Cuff

£ 62.00

Gemma Lister Chunky Pearl Choker

£ 59.00

Gemma Lister Chunky Pearl Bracelet

£ 39.00

Gemma Lister Classic Pearl Choker

£ 105.00

Sold Out

Gemma Lister Classic Pearl Bracelet

£ 65.00

Sold Out

Gemma Lister Pewter Horse Charm Necklace

£ 32.00

Sold Out

Gemma Lister Pewter Horse Charm Earrings

£ 29.00

Sold Out

Set Descending Direction